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The legal and regulatory requirements

The legal and regulatory requirements for the catering and food industry have nowadays increased drastically. Before EU partnership (May 2004) Malta already had legal structures in place covering this sector. In fact, Malta was one of the first countries in the world to set up a Public Health Department (Is-Sanita). However, since 2004, further changes have been implemented with the introduction of various EC Regulations and Directives. Technological and research advances have also influenced this sector. Implementation of the EU legislation is transferring to Malta all the technological advances and research that have been, and are being, achieved by the other 24 member states and the European Commission per se

The food and catering industry

The food and catering industry may interpret these changes as an extra legislative and financial burden. It is however important to note that adherence to such legislation is essential in aiding the food and catering industry to demonstrate a high level of professionalism, accountability, and competence. These factors help the industry to project the idea of safer products and services. This image will ultimately lead to helping the catering and food industry to market its product.

We are a group of consultants offering advice and guidance with respect to:
  • Adherence to legislation covering the food and catering sector
  • Provision of safer services and products. 

Following is a more detailed list of services offered by our enterprise. If there are other services regarding food issues which are not mentioned in the list, we would be willing to discuss them in order to see whether we may be of help.

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